Tuesday, June 18, 2013

American Gulf University Prestige: Global Partnerships and Associations

A university’s differentiating factors are usually its curriculum, its star faculty and the expansive network it possesses. Another factor that increases its prestige is its international affiliations through which it seeks to improve its network and educational services. The more such partnerships the university has, the more recognized and prestigious it becomes.

The American Gulf University is one such university that seeks to provide its students with the best of opportunities, both academic and professional. The University prides itself on its market-compatible courses that incorporate the latest changes in the curriculum. The theoretical sections are further supplemented by high-quality instruction from renowned professionals whose instruction combines contemporary teaching tools with industry expertise.

On the other hand, American Gulf University also has partnerships with multinational companies around the world that comprise of placement and internship opportunities. According to these agreements, AGU’s students are the top choice for key positions in those organizations, whether for full-time jobs or periodic internships.   American Gulf University also has a partner employer program, according to which employers hiring AGU’s graduates will in turn be able to send their own employees to the University for higher qualifications at subsidized rates. In this way, American Gulf University is adhering to its mission of quality education for all and providing employment to them in the process as well.

It is no surprise that because of these ventures, American Gulf University is the first choice for students all over the world. The University keeps on improving its services and outreach, thereby adding to the credibility of online education.  More information on American Gulf University can be found at www.americangulfuniveristy.com

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